Ahurei Adventures offers a comprehensive guided hunting experience for hunters, complete with Richards hunting tips! For years novice and seasoned hunters alike have been amazed by the sheer numbers of wild deer roaming grazing and roaring on the exclusive private lands of Richard’s family in the Waiau Valley.

Hunting is seasonal from October to April and the roar happens sometime during late March early April. Richard has extensive local knowledge of deer movements and deer behaviour in the area, and can call on the most experienced and skilled local bushmen to help if needed.

The hunting cabin is comfortable, taking care of all your basic needs. It can be hired out exclusively or shared with others. Being on private Māori land means Ahurei Adventures knows exactly who is in the area, guaranteeing you absolute personal safety. Ahurei Adventures prides itself on following strict safety procedures with hunters, ensuring all equipment is in top working order.

Ahurei Adventures offers coordinated services including travel to and from Ruatāhuna, camp, cabin, marae and motel accommodation and meals. When planning your unique hunting adventure, we suggest you call and ask for Merianne or Richard, and be sure to get in early and book before the season opens. For more information click on rates and bookings.

(For information on Department of Conservation animal control activities in Te Urewera National Park contact the Aniwaniwa or Rangitaiki DOC offices.)