Meriann White

After 20 years working as a fully qualified educator and trainer in both the health and education sectors Meriann White has spent the best part of the past 8 years with husband Richard, building Ahurei Adventures in to the world class indigenous tourism business it is today.

Meriann belongs to the Tūhoe tribe and like Richard is fully conversant in the local language and customs, and is passionate about sharing the local myths, songs and legends, to provide a more culturally enriching experience for all their guests.

The Tūhoe people, also known as the Children of the Mist pride themselves on their hospitality and generosity, and this warm and bubbly grandmother of seven certainly upholds that tradition.

Meriann takes care of the business side of your adventure, but still loves horse riding, fishing, tramping and of course still enjoys the occasional hunt! She is of the strong belief that it doesn’t matter if you chose to hunt, tramp, fish, or ride, you will be utterly enthralled by the peace and tranquility of this beautiful native forest she calls home, a truly unique experience, second to none in the world.

Ko Kiha te Maunga
Ko Waihirere te Awa
Ko Te Umuroa te Marae
Ko Te Poho o Parahaki te Whare
Ko Ngāti Manunui te Hapū
Ko Tūhoe te Iwi